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Below are some profiles of qualified candidates that may be able to fill some of your business objectives:

Senior Electrical Engineer:
Experience in analog, digital, power electronics and RF circuit design experience, designing process control instrumentation, industrial controllers and capital equipment. Designed and implemented new products from design concept to prototype, pre-production to design verification testing and to mfg.   Experience with Design Tools: MathCad; LT Spice, ModelSim_10, RF99sim and WEBENCH simulation tools; MPLAB IDE; ‘C’; Orcad, Viewlogic and Altium(Schematics); Quartus2 and Simplicity (Verilog), AHDL & GDF (FPGA design).
Mechanical Designer:
Experience managing and implementing ECN/ECR’s and PDM Databases as well as allocating materials and acquiring vendors. Skills to create solid models, drawings, sketches and technical illustrations using various platforms per ASME Y14.100. Also has experience in creating and designing 3D models and drawings for sheet metal fabrication, part machining, electro-forming, aluminum castings, thermo-form and injected plastics as well as all assembly levels. Developed tooling and fixtures for all levels of fabrication including plastic forming molds.
Senior Mechanical and Electrical Inspector:
Candidate with involvement in the entire business cycle including: supporting of sales, customer specification reviews, procurement activities including: supplier communication, conducting final design reviews, and ongoing support through shipment. Preparation of inspection prints, supporting engineering calculations, quality control and testing. Leading products from initial design to volume production. Support in-house manufacturing lines by recognizing deviation, eliminate failures, & improve operating performance.

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