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Analyzing Job Hoppers

CBS reported recently that Millennials are job hopping more than previous generations. The phrase “job hopping” may make potential employees sound fickle, distracted, or unreliable, but in all honesty, this group of workers is more complicated...

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How To Create a Great Workplace Environment

Work place culture plays a huge role in keeping employees happy, productive, and consistently growing and improving. But creating a positive, welcoming work environment goes beyond chemistry and good attitudes. Companies can and need to take...

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Candidate Profiles

Below are some profiles of qualified candidates that may be able to fill some of your business objectives: Senior Electrical Engineer: Experience in analog, digital, power electronics and RF circuit design experience, designing process control...

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Hiring Trends Continue in Latest Jobs Report

It’s been a mixed bag when it comes to the monthly jobs numbers and the industries that Finish Line Staffing serves. Overall, a positive Jobs Report came out for April with 223, 000 jobs added; a great boost to the overall economy. And as we...

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Growing Economy Means A Growing Jobs Market

Despite the winter we have all had to endure, the February Jobs Report that recently came out had some reasonably positive numbers in it. With 295,000 jobs filled, we have now seen 13 months straight where jobs created have been over 200,000....

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Manufacturing getting stronger

By Neal Fay: In 2014, we have seen very consistent job growth. Small business had led the way in many of the monthly Jobs Reports and Manufacturing has come in very strong as well. Manufacturing in this country at many times in our history has...

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Benefits of “Payrolling”

First, what is “Payrolling? Well, it’s a process by which in short, we at Finish Line Staffing put your hires on our payroll. Payrolling is a great service for a company that needs to put in a temporary staff or maybe they want to test out...

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