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Production Technician Jobs for Methuen, Massachusetts

Production Technician Jobs for Methuen, MassachusettsProduction technician jobs for Methuen, Massachusetts cover a wide range of jobs in two major areas – product (or “discrete”) and process manufacturing. If you’re a firm looking to hire a production technician, it’s important that you work with a team of staffing professionals who understand the difference because the same job title can require a very different skillset. Finish Line Staffing Services located in Waltham can help you find the qualified individuals you are seeking.

In general, production technician jobs often require the performance the following tasks:

  • Calibrate or adjust equipment to ensure quality production
  • Inspect finished product for quality and adherence to customer specifications
  • Monitor and adjust processes or equipment for quality and productivity
  • Troubleshoot problems with equipment, devices, or products
  • Adhere to all applicable regulations, policies, and procedures for health, safety, and environmental compliance

Methuen, Massachusetts production technician jobs for manufacturing individual products in volume can involve a wide range of equipment such as machine tools, CNC machine centers, robots, welders, pick and place robots, injection molding machines, packing machines, air-powered assembly tools, painting and finishing areas, to name a few.

However production technician jobs for Methuen, Massachusetts in a process manufacturing environment is often quite different because it involves working with formulations, such as pharmaceuticals. That might require taking a formulation or recipe of ingredients and blending them together using a chemical reaction, heat, cold, or fermentation — either continuously or in a batch – to produce a final product which is usually a liquid, powder or gas.

In a process manufacturing plant, you typically find, piping, pumps, tanks, flow valves, steam valves, temperature gauges, boilers, vessels, reactor vessels, crackers, distillation columns, heat exchangers, boilers, steam pipes, autoclaves, clarifiers, decanters, dryers, Program Logic Controllers, Proportional Integral Derivative Controllers and other sophisticated systems.

Fortunately, at Finish Line Staffing Services, we have highly experienced staffing professionals with a deep knowledge of manufacturing and Methuen, Massachusetts production technician jobs. We have developed the resources and contacts to quickly and efficiently identify, recruit and secure the right production specialists you need to fill your specific requirement.

Unlike many recruitment firms attempting to assist technology companies with highly technical positions such as production technician jobs for Methuen, Massachusetts, we understand that direct-hire talent for your long-term needs requires different recruiting techniques than traditional temporary and contract staffing. Our staffing professionals have years of experience in the manufacturing industry and know how to quickly and efficiently search out and place technical talent tailored to the needs of employers.

If you need to fill production technician jobs for Methuen, Massachusetts contact our recruiting experts today – we’re ready to help you find that temporary or permanent addition to your growing team.


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