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Manufacturing Engineering Professional Jobs for Oxford, Massachusetts

Manufacturing Engineers for Oxford, MassachusettsManufacturing Engineers focus on the design and operation of integrated systems for the production of high-quality, economically competitive products. These systems may include machine tools, materials-handling equipment, computer networks and robots. As such, it can be difficult for general recruiting firms to identify and evaluate qualified candidates for Oxford, Massachusetts manufacturing engineering professional jobs

If you’re a company needing specialized manufacturing talent in the areas of life sciences, biotech, medical devices and pharma, at Finish Line Staffing, we have the expertise, deep experience, and extensive prospect network for locating and evaluating candidates to successfully fill manufacturing engineering jobs for Oxford, Massachusetts, throughout New England, and beyond. We’re able to evaluate manufacturing engineering prospects with the appropriate competencies, skill sets and experience including but not limited to:

  • Designing new equipment, processes, procedures and systems
  • Purchasing, installing and repairing equipment
  • Responding to breakdowns
  • Investigating production problems
  • Making improvements to current operations to enhance efficiency
  • Supervising engineering and technical staff
  • Managing budgets
  • Maintaining statistical and financial records
  • Diagnosing faults
  • Planning and organizing maintenance
  •  Liaising with suppliers, customers and research and development staff

Our recruiting team assists clients by assuming the time and effort it takes to source, evaluate, and present the right candidates for manufacturing engineering jobs, freeing up clients’ HR resources for other critical tasks. We understand the importance of thorough vetting using appropriate criteria relevant to Oxford, Massachusetts engineering manufacturing jobs; for example, our manufacturing engineering specialists know what certification to check for depending on the industry and project scope, including Six Sigma, CME, Lean Bronze and Silver certifications.

Whether it’s for direct hire or temporary work, if you’re searching for the right candidates to fill Oxford, Massachusetts manufacturing engineering professional jobs, contact us today – our highly skilled technical recruiting team will be happy to help.

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