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This four-part series is designed for a small group of leaders willing to explore four key topics in a non-competitive discussion. Each two-hour session will be structured in a roundtable open discussion format. All participants must come with a willingness to share ideas, challenges and opportunities. The four topics that will be covered include:

* Communication – What is the biggest communication challenge facing your team today? What are you doing to eliminate it?

* Removing the Obstacles – What are some common obstacles facing your team (real or perceived)? How can you improve your effectiveness in helping them to remove these obstacles?

* Accountability – How do you currently hold your teams accountable? How do performance metrics help or hurt as you try to establish a culture of accountability?

*Changing Times – The tight labor market and record low unemployment can make recruiting very difficult while orders sit open. Just as quickly a market correction can make sales the challenge. What are you doing to plan for these inevitable difficulties? How are you preparing for the long overdue recession?


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