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Analysts were calling for 180,000 new jobs for January 2018 and we were all pleasantly surprised on Friday when the BLS reported that the U.S. has added 200,000 jobs, which on its own is great news.

While the economy continues to improve and create more jobs, the larger question looming has been “where is the wage growth”?

We are happy to report that average hourly earnings improved by 2.9% in January from a year earlier; a sign that the long, slow economic recovery is at last reaching Americans’ pocketbooks. This is forcing companies to compete harder for workers, a recipe for continued demand, and escalation in compensation levels.

Taken together, the data paints a picture of an economy that is not just creating jobs but that is increasingly creating good ones.

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Mechanical Designer, Project Manager
Responsible for Designing Customer specified Stainless Railing systems for Homes, Business and Construction Sites.

* Create CAD Drawings per Customer specifications
* Create BOMs for customer approved design.
* Manage each project though the manufacturing process for correctness.

Sr. Hardware Engineer
* Designed power cable filters using various ferrites to help pass EMI emissions tests for CE.
* Worked with software engineers to reduce TC, RTD, HART Transmitter and other sensor type circuit noise.
* Used outside PCB designer to create my new circuit board to test new ASIC chip.
* Designed hardware for stepper motor board using motor controller IC and TI ARM processor. Worked with software engineer to confirm my SPI, USB, RS232 and I/O design configuration.

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