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Despite the winter we have all had to endure, the February Jobs Report that recently came out had some reasonably positive numbers in it. With 295,000 jobs filled, we have now seen 13 months straight where jobs created have been over 200,000.

We saw Small Business once again have tremendous gains, those companies employing fewer than 50. And with that, a report just out by the National Federation of Independent Business states that there is actually a shortage of skilled workers for small business. You can find a link to that report here.

We saw industries such as food service, healthcare and professional services make some impressive gains this time. Manufacturing has seen steady growth over the past several months but took a dip in this past jobs report with just over 8,000 Jobs reported. Was is the weather? We’ll know as the warmer months come into play.

Our team here at Finish Line Staffing has seen quite a bit of activity during the past several months in a host of different industries. Under all this snow is a growing economy and growing companies; organizations that need the proper talent solution to move forward. Our vast network of talent mean we can help make that growth happen for you.

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