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First, what is “Payrolling? Well, it’s a process by which in short, we at Finish Line Staffing put your hires on our payroll. Payrolling is a great service for a company that needs to put in a temporary staff or maybe they want to test out staff to see if they might be a good fit for the company.

Another great way to use our Payrolling services is if your company has a specific project that needs to be completed and you need labor to get that done on time. Payrolling is a great way to make that happen.

As we point out in the video below, these can be individuals that you the company find on your own. They don’t necessarily need to be candidates that we at Finish Line Staffing find for you.

Another great benefit of using these services and that we take care of all the compliance issues including the W2, payroll taxes and other responsibilities.

Take a look at the short video from our sister company, King & Bishop to learn more about this valuable service.

And please contact us today if you have the need for Payrolling or other recruiting services we offer.

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