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By: Bob Purcell

Productivity Word on Blue Arrow.The BLS reported that for September small business created 88k new jobs. Of that 88k, 55% were in firms that had only between 1-19 employees. As a small business, you may not have access to the same resources that the big companies have. For our small business portfolio of clients and beyond, here are some ideas to incorporate for your hiring strategy.

Enthusiastic Candidates. Skills and talent are important, but you must also take into account whether candidates are passionate about going to work for you. Did they do pre-interview research to inform themselves about your what you firm does? Were they enthusiastic during the interview? Do they demonstrate their skills and abilities through examples of prior experience? These are questions that set the difference between a candidate who is looking for a job over someone who is “fired up” about your opportunity.

Sourcing through your network: It makes sense to post your openings on various job sites for passive candidates, however you will likely find the best candidates through networking. Think of all the networks, associations and contacts you have a pre-existing relationship with. Ring up business contacts and post an update on your LinkedIn page informing contacts of your hiring needs.

Engage your in-house staff: Unless this is a confidential search, who best to represent you then the people that have chosen to work with you. Your staff also has contacts that may be a reliable resource for finding new employees. Create a referral program in which team members can earn cash rewards for referring a new hire. One “trick” is to make the bonus “grossed up” or “after-tax” — that way the see the whole bonus and not a chunk going out in payroll taxes.

Contract to Direct Hire: Consider creating a program where potential hires come in and shadow one of your employees for a day. This familiarizes candidates with your day-to-day operations, plus it gives you an idea of how they function with your existing staff. For a more comprehensive look at a candidate, consider a week long trial or a temporary to direct employment situation.

Establish a Social Media Profile. When using social media to find candidates, LinkedIn should be your first stop. A Facebook page for the firm maybe another stop, or using a twitter account. Anything to put material out there about your firm, including job postings, will add another dimension and help you reach wider audience.

Have an Effective Interview: Whether in person or over the phone/ internet, make sure you get the interview right. Show up on time and be positive. Map out your questions in advance and make sure that anyone else on the team is briefed on what will be asked and what the desired profile is. Be ware of off-limit question. If you need professional guidance on interviewing skills, contact us! We can help and it does not mean that it will be costly.

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