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By Catherine Applegate

A resume is still the primary mans to tell a candidates story. First impressions are critical in all paths of life including the job hunting process. I have worked with candidates at all levels and find that very few capitalize on the opportunity to communicate with something memorable.

Here are some tips to consider when making that next run of your resume.

  • Summary

A recruiter likes to see a good executive summary that gives a picture of who the candidate is before they have to look through their experience. This is important because recruiters receive many resumes every day, so the best way for a candidate to make that impression up front is with a descriptive and detailed executive summary to help you stand out.

  • Keywords

When helping candidates create resumes, keywords are essential. One method to consider is reviewing the targeted job description for specific key words. A recruiter may use keyword to identify the appropriate candidate. If you don’t have those keywords in your resume you won’t show up in the search and you may get ignored. It is reasonable to address your resume against a specific position, provided it is reasonable and truthful.

  • Results

Write your resume in a way that shows progress and results. If you are in sales, talk about how you increased revenue or customer acquisitions. Candidates will be overlooked if they don’t show their results and what’s great about them. Also, your resume should illustrate what you have done in your career, such as a list of technologies you have used. If the candidate doesn’t do this they could be overlooked.

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Catherine Applegate is the Director of Client Relations for Finish Line Staffing Services

333 Wyman Street, Suite 175 Waltham, MA 02451