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By Bob Purcell

Are Job Descriptions a thing of the past? Recruiters and line managers share an aspiration to move the hiring process along. What is the balance between time to hire and quality submittals? Is there anything we can eliminate on the process? Let’s take a look at the job description. Should we replace with a few short bullet points on a 5×7 sheet of paper?

We talked with our customers and candidates alike and the answer is a resounding NO! In this era of evolving technology and the emergence of “text” recruiting, there is a desire to hang on to classic documentation

While it may be true that jobs change often, we still should have a compelling foundation to start with.

A solid Job description helps establish a brand. It helps the recruiter by informing the candidate on the who, the why and there where of what they are applying to. As much as a dull job description will not generate interest in top talent, having something that is informative while conveying a sense of “who we are” may serve that purpose and also ensure you are building a team with people who are genuinely interested in working with and growing in your firm.

If you can not find the right way to communicate interest through a job description, look for someone who can help. It makes a difference and helps tell your story.

Bob Purcell is a recruiter with Finish Line Staffing

333 Wyman Street, Suite 175 Waltham, MA 02451